Technical characteristics

Depending on the different lighting conditions and requirements, models with different power ratings are available at 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W. Models of 250W and 300W are also available on request.

Die cast aluminum case. CREE high efficiency LEDs. Lenses designed on request, or optionally from a wide range of models for all types of surfaces that are illuminated. The luminous efficiency of the lamp is over 135 lumens per W.

Power: 50W (equivalent to 150W HPS), 100W (equivalent to 250W HPS), 200W (equivalent to 400W HPS).Models of 250W and 300W are also available.

Individual central control and monitoring of the LED lamp using the built-in LoRaWAN module.

Additional 220V connector is provided to power billboards and/or decorative lighting. It is fully controllable over LoRaWAN network.

Easy design with low wind resistance, excellent resistance to dust and water.


Product images

  1. UR-MLL-50W
  2. UR-MLL-150W