Technical characteristics

LoRa ultrasonic water meter, an intelligent measuring instrument made up of ultrasonic flow sensors, temperature sensors and microcomputers. The microcomputer by measuring the time difference between the sound waves that it sends through the water, compensating for the temperature difference of water, performs a precise flow measurement.

With the LoRaWAN® module, the sensor transmits measurements, through the gateway, to the network server and user application. The user can, by remote control, monitor the status of water meters and application software, read consumption and charge water. The system analyzes consumption of water meters at consumers and flows from mainstream protocols, detects potential leakage or illegal connection to the network. In this way, high efficiency in the production and distribution of water is achieved, with a significant reduction in costs.

In addition to measuring and monitoring the flow of water in the household, it can also be used in air conditioning, heating, etc.

Product images

  1. Ultrasonic water meter
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